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Taipei Zoo
N 24.998347, E121.581036

The Taipei Zoo is one of the ten largest municipal zoos in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. Getting there is easy: just take the MRT Muzha Line southbound all the way to the terminal station. As the zoo is home to more than 400 animal species, rest assured there’s plenty to see! The zoo includes 7 indoor exhibits, each with different themes.At the Insectarium you’ll meet several butterfly species unique to Taiwan. Next, you won’t want to miss the hugely popular Koala House and Penguin House.

There are also two giant pandas from___ China! These animals are the Zoo’s resident celebrities, so be sure to check them out! The star of the zoo used to be the Asian Elephant “Grandpa Lin Wang,” who lived to the ripe old age of 86. Lin’s longevity—20 years older than most Asian Elephants—was hailed by zoologists as a miracle. After his death, Lin was stuffed and put on display, and now enjoys the distinction of being the world’s largest stuffed Asian Elephant! You can see him on display in the Education Center.

Apart from___ the indoor exhibits, the Taipei Zoo also features 8 outdoor exhibit areas. The latter are divided according to geographical environment, and possess educational value both as exhibits and ecological environments. The “Children’s Zoo,” “Formosan Animal Area,” and “African Animal Area” are the most popular, according to Internet voting. The Formosan Animal Area includes endemic species like Formosan sika deer, Taiwan macaque, and Swinhoe’s pheasant. These animals can only be found in Taiwan—definitely worth a look!

Zhinan Temple
N 24.979845, E121.586632

Zhinan Temple is located at the foot of Zhishan Mountain in Taipei`s Wenshan District. Built in 1890, the temple is dedicated to the Daoist immortal Lu Tung-pin, better known as Xiangong or Luzu. A scholar of the Tang period, Lu loved poetry and books. He successfully passed the provincial level imperial examination and became a county magistrate.

Because of his pious devotion to the Dao, Lu`s path crossed with that of the Daoist immortal Zhong Liquan, who showed him the way to enlightenment. Many mysterious and noble deeds were attributed to Lu, making him one of the best known and most-loved of the Daoist immortals in Taiwan.

  • Public:
    MRT Station:Take the Muzha Line to Muzha Station and transfer to the Brown 5 bus. You can also take the MRT to Taipei Zoo Station and continue by the Maokong Gondola to Zhinan Temple Station.
    1.Bus: Zhinan 530 bus (from___ Gongguan)
    2.Parking is available at the Zhinan Temple plaza.
Songshan Ciyou Temple
N 25.050094, E121.577661

Built in 1753, Ciyou Temple is dedicated to the deity Black Faced Mazu. The temple is square, rises six floors and has an impressive main hall. The roof ridge is elaborately adorned with twin dragons facing three immortals representing wealth, happiness and longevity—a motif symbolizing divine protection. The stone lions at the main hall were carved in 1803. Unusually, the male lion is depicted with an open mouth and the female with mouth closed.

  • Public:
    MRT Station:from_ Yongchun Station, walk north for about 15~20 minutes.
    Take the No.28、306、 306、 311、518、527、53、531、605、622、629、63、668、678、711
Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
N 25.047741, E121.561336

The Puppetry Art Center of Taipei was born from__ a passion with puppetry. In 1998, Paul Lin, chairman of the Taiyuan Arts and Culture Foundation, donated space to house the center. After careful planning by the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs, the center was finally opened to provide a home for the preservation of puppetry culture. Located near the Living Mall, the center presents its traditional subject matter in a thoroughly modern setting. In addition to displays, the center arranges puppet shows and organizes fun and educational puppetry classes.

  • Public:
    MRT Station:from__ SYS Memorial Hall Station (Exit 5), follow Guangfu S. Rd. towards Civic Blvd. (Sec. 5) and turn right past the stoplight. (About 10~15 minutes on foot).
    Take the No. 202、203、205、257、276、605、667、669、204、266、278、282、288、672
Baby Boss Job Experience Center
N 25.048495, E121.562430

The Baby Boss Job Experience Center offers opportunities for children aged 3-15 to experience the assignments of various occupations. Launched in early 2008 on the 7th floor of LIVING MALL, this 7,600 m2 facility is the epitome of a city complete with streets, stores, parks, government buildings, schools and traffic. Through game-oriented experiences, children learn work ethics concerning nearly 50 trades and 70 occupation roles in the city while earning income in the form of freely dispensed BabyBucks. The facility is designed to show children how the real world works in a fun-filled setting, so that it may ignite passion(s) for their aspiring careers early in life.

  • Public:
    MRT :
    1. from__ MRT (Bannan Line) Taipei Main Station: take bus No. 276, 205 or 605
    2. from__ MRT (Bannan Line) Taipei City Hall Station: take bus Blue 26, 202 or Blue 10
    3. from__ MRT (Bannan Line) National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station (Exit 5): take bus No. 266, 254 or 204
    4. from__ MRT (Wenhu Line) Jiannan Rd. Station: take bus No. 279, 307, Blue 26 or 668

    1. Nanjing E. Rd.: 306 (incl. shuttle), 266, 203, 604, 307, 279
    2. Zhongxiao E. Rd.: 605, 276, 205
    3. Bade Rd.: 276, 205, 203, 257
    4. Jilong Rd.: 254, 202, Blue 26, Blue 10, 254
    Shuttle bus:
    The LIVING MALL → Dinghao Market → MRT Zhongxiao-Fuxing Station (in front of the Taiko Nanzyuu vendor near Exit 5) → The LIVING MALL (Civic Blvd.)
    Shuttle busing available Sun.-Thu. 10:35AM-10:30PM;
    Fri.-Sat. 10:35AM-11PM
    Headways: 12 noon -9PM: 15-20 min.
    Other times: 30 min
    Bus stops at the Civic Plaza (Civic Blvd.)
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