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Gallery 101
Gallery 101
Online Exhibition線上展覽
Sparkling of the Nature: The Double Exhibition in Modern Chinese Paintings
Land of Eurasia – Andrei Ostashov
Architectural Emotions - Residential 1, 2, 3
Sparkling of the nature:Gazing into the inner world
2018 TAIPEI 101 International Photography Contest
Business Tower of TAIPEI 101
TAIPEI 101 in the heart of Taipei City is highly prestigious business locations and home to many international enterprises and financial institutions. As a tallest vertical city and renowned landmark in Taiwan, it accommodates thousands of people daily for both work and leisure. Let’s watch the video to drill out what did our tenants say.
2017 TAIPEI 101 New Year Countdown Show
TAIPEI 101 cooperated with the Tourism Bureau for the 2017 TAIPEI 101 New Year Countdown Show, and Bureau of Foreign Trade, MoEA, joined forces with 10 corporations to sponsor the show titled “Light Up Taiwan.” This year’s much-anticipated annual fireworks show was planned and operated by domestic professionals; Giant Show Co., which has previously worked with TAIPEI 101 many times, acted as the coordinator, inviting renowned Taiwanese lighting designer Chuang Fu-min to be part of the team. For the music, GCA Entertainment was once again invited to provide assistance for the production, and Taipei Symphony Orchestra for the performance. This was an extravaganza that fully showcased the talent and creativity of Taiwan.
2015 TAIPEI 101 New Year Firework Show
2014 New Year’s Fireworks
Take the movie from the City Hall