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Taipei 101

An landmark building can be a catalyst for a city. Facing the 21st century, Taipei needs a wider stage. Like the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, and the late Jinmao Tower in Shanghai.

Floor Guide

Prosperity Meets Nobility / Layers of Success / Enduring Fortitude / Full of Wealth




高聳建築,在西方象徵對未知的崇仰、征服、和追求。東方觀點則代表著對未來更寬闊的瞭解和包容。「登高」是為了「望遠」高,不是一蹴而就,而是逐漸長成自然的層層茁壯,宛如花開般節節登至富貴頂峰 這樣的思考,成就了全球獨特的多節式超高層摩天大樓。台北101以節節攀升的高度,象徵台灣在新世紀中的全新視界!







Building Structure

"This structural system is the ultimate in building technology."

Structural Design/Supervisor: Evergreen Consulting Engineering, Inc.
Peer Review Consultant: THORNTON-TOMASETTI, USA

Foundation Pile

Rooted to the Ground: 380 piles were driven 80 meters into the ground to build a solid foundation for Taipei 101! Each pile is 150 cm in diameter, with a load-bearing capacity between 1,110 and 1,450 tons. The deepest pile reaches 30 meters into the bedrock, similar to nailing the entire building onto a solid tectonic plate.

Wind Damper

To minimize the impact of wind on the building, a wind damper is set up based on the principles of physics. The wind damper absorbs slight swinging motions of the building at all times to the reduce discomfort of the people in the building. In the event of earthquakes or strong winds, the wind damper can suppress the brunt of any violent swinging to ensure the safety of all tourists and workers in Taipei 101, while reducing discomfort caused by vigorous shaking.

Outrigger Truss

Installed on mechanical floors, the steel frame connects the outer and inner columns to increase the effectiveness of wind and earthquake resistance, ensuring the stability and safety of the extremely tall building.

Giant Column Surround

The Taiwan Power Company supplies electricity to the Company via two different substations. Each substation relies on dual-feeder power-line normal power supply methods to deliver high-voltage power to the company’s power receiving room. The design reduces the risk of external power supply interruption.

Resilient three-dimensional copper structure system.

The frames arranged between each giant column that is parallel to the inner-inclined outer walls provides some of the strength and stiffness needed for resistance to wind and earthquake elements.

Lighting design

Taipei 101 is not only a landmark building, but is a symbolic beacon for Taiwan.

Lighting design: UNOLAI Lighting Design & Associates / UNOLAB

Environmental Considerations

Taipei 101 is more than just an office building, it is a place where people from home and abroad gather. By eliminating the original indoor floor lighting and outdoor surface lighting fixtures, lighting efficiency and safety greatly improved. After discussing installation of the lamps, future maintenance and repair was made easier. Finally, asymmetrical floodlights create a new image of elegance and intensity.

Long-Term Development

Taipei 101 uses the latest LED luminaires and replaces traditional light sources, greatly reducing overall power consumption, saving electricity costs, and extending lamp life. At the same time, a new lighting control system intelligently schedules a year of lighting time, creating a smart, convenient new management mode.

Creative Performances

Taipei 101 retains many of its original lighting features, cycling through a daily color, creating a dynamic hourly light show. The settings of the lighting display not only provides a platform for interaction and information exchange with the public, but also drives a number of control points in each luminaire with a new lighting control system, integrating the display to celebrate the themes of the special festivals throughout the year.