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Milestones 公司沿革
Honor & Awards榮譽與獎項
- The observatory elevator was authorized as the world’s fastest elevator by Guinness World Record.
- The highest building in the world, roof and using floor authorized by CTBUH.
- It was elected as one of the Seven NewWonders of the World by Newsweek magazine.
- It was elected as one of the Seven Wonders of Engineering by Discovery.
- It was certificated as rank Platinum LEED building by US Green Building Council.
- TAIPEI 101 was listed as 10 top destinations in which to welcome 2013 by CNN
- It was elected as one of 25 of mankind's greatest engineering feats by CNN.
- It was elected as one of 25 of mankind's greatest buildings by CNN.
- Its elevator was elected as one of 49 journeys that will change one’s life by CNN.
- It was elected as one of top 10 greenest offices in the world by
- The elevators to the Observatory was listed as one of “12 elevators you need to see to believe” by CNN
First five major stockholders
Management Team經營團隊
Corporate Philosophy企業理念

TAIPEI 101 becomes the best paradigm of operation and management for super high-rise buildings in the world.

Mission Statement

Better than the best quality in the continuous pursuit of excellence in the area of Innovative management, Operating efficiency, Environmental protection, Safe operation, Superior service, and Corporate social responsibility.

Value 101 S.P.I.R.I.T

We promise to provide the honorable and thoughtful customer service of the highest level.


We full of passion and belief to the101 brand and our work, and we do our best to create the outstanding achievement both for company and individual.


We insist on integrity and match our words with deeds.


In accordance with humanism, we respect our customers and treat coworkers with trust and authorization.


We persist in innovation and never stop learning so as to set up rofessional benchmark for the world to see.


We assist and encourage each other and set goal with promise.

As the whole, we team up with government’s Asia-Pacific Financial Center plan and provide the facilities and service of their highest level.After the construction finished, the new commercial center in Xin Yi district will be featuring variety of functions, including business, conference, entertainment and literary and art events. With the collective efforts and experiences of the elites of Taiwan and the best public land of the BOT project, we are building a new Asia financial landmark out of the idea of “Asian Taipei-Manhattan”.