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Privacy Policy隱私權保護政策

Applicability of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to “TAIPEI 101 Portal” (; referred to as the Portal below) and other application services that share the terms of the Privacy Policy. Both TAIPEI 101 and the Portal are bound by the same Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy applies whenever you access the Portal using a PC, mobile device or any other device, and whenever we provide a service to you within the scope of business of “TAIPEI 101.” Please make sure to comprehend the following terms and agree to the Privacy Policy so that we may serve you better. You may still browse the Portal and access our services if you do not agree to provide identifiable information, but user experience may be affected as a result. We also seek your consent to other security clauses that are unrelated to identifiable personal information.


This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites that are not managed and maintained by “TAIPEI 101,” nor does it apply to business premises that are not directly managed by “TAIPEI 101.” If you link to another website maintained by a partner of “TAIPEI 101” through the Portal, you would be outside the scope of “TAIPEI 101” Privacy Policy, where the contents and security measures are unrelated to the Portal. “TAIPEI 101” does not assume any liability for visits to these websites, and you are reminded to pay attention to the privacy policies and security measures implemented by them.


As a controller of identifiable personal information, “TAIPEI 101” has established separate clauses to address the handling of information in more detail for certain types of service. Please understand and comply with the relevant terms when making use of various services provided by us.


Gathering and processing of identifiable personal information

For simple browsing activities, the Portal does not store any information that can be used to identify you, and will only record user data such as IP (Internet protocol) address, the type of equipment used, equipment ID, browser type and version, browsing history and blog. The data gathered is used to improve your browsing experience, and the use of which will not affect you personally in any way.


However, if you register to become a member of “TAIPEI 101” through the Portal, participate in other activities organized by “TAIPEI 101,” accept special services from “TAIPEI 101” or leave message over the Portal, the Portal will store your name, e-mail address, phone number, gender, hobby, preferences, opinions and other personal information depending on the type of service rendered or the nature of contract involved, provided that you have explicitly agreed so or that such information is deemed necessary for fulfilling contractual obligations (for rights, obligations and details of personal information processed on E-CARDs, please refer to the following application form; for rights, obligations and details of personal information processed on TOURIST CARDs, please refer to the following application form You are free to provide personal information at your discretion, and we will contact you only with your consent.


“TAIPEI 101” will not compel you to provide any information that can be used to identify you. However, there may be situations where your identifiable personal information is needed in order for us to provide service or fulfill our contractual obligations to you. In the absence of such information, we may not be able to provide full range of services, or fulfill our contractual obligations, or contact you at your request.


“TAIPEI 101” gathers identifiable personal information so that we may constantly improve our service to consumers, notify you of special events, new products or services with your consent, offer consultation, engage in commercial negotiation or respond to your requests. You are free to choose whether to permit us in the gathering and processing of your information, and whether to allow information to be used by “TAIPEI 101.” “TAIPEI 101” will process personal information only for certain purposes to a limited extent. Depending on the type of service involved, we may be subjected to different duties of notification and different legal basis when gathering information.


If “TAIPEI 101” intends to process your personal information for a new purpose, we are required to notify you in advance except in circumstances specified by law or when acting in the best public interest or preventing harm to the rights, life or property of another party. In which case, we will inform you of our new purpose and the conditions by which your information is processed. We will also explore proper legal basis and seek your explicit consent before proceeding.


If “TAIPEI 101” obtains your personal information through other channels, we will notify you of the type and purpose of personal information acquired, the location and subject for which it is used, and the channels through which personal information is obtained within one month.


The methods by which “TAIPEI 101” handles your personal information include automated and non-automated gathering, recording, structuring, storage, alteration, indexing etc. “TAIPEI 101” will only retain your personal information to the extent permitted by law and deemed necessary to fulfill contractual obligations and provide services to you. We will not release any identifiable information (such as name, e-mail or any details that can be used to contact or identify you) to any other organization or individual unless we have your permission, or consider it necessary to fulfill our obligations to you, or for other circumstances of strict requirement. We adopt a stringent set of standards when choosing our business partners from logistics, marketing, payment, invoicing to IT support.


When processing identifiable personal information, “TAIPEI 101” will first apply anonymity treatment or use aliases, and will not use identifiable personal information to perform any automated analysis or predict your behaviors unless we have your explicit consent or consider it necessary to fulfill contractual obligations between two parties. If we decide to use anonymous data for statistical purpose, this data will be kept separately from your personal information and kept strictly confidential. We will not provide this data to any third party except to comply with legal requirements, fulfill contractual obligations, or to protect our rightful interests.


If “TAIPEI 101” decides to use your information for any automated decision-making or profiling, we will explain to you in advance on how we intend to process your data and obtain your explicit written consent. We will also adopt appropriate measures to protect your rights and the security of your information before proceeding.


“TAIPEI 101” provides service to natural persons only if they are of adequate capacity, and does not gather or process personal information of people under 16 years old. If you are under 16 years old, we will need proof that your parent or guardian has agreed for us to process your information.


When you download the “TAIPEI 101” APP, we may also gather information on your location and phone through the APP. This includes the unique identification code of your device, which we may use to provide location-based services such as advertising, optimized search results and customized contents. You may turn off location service on your device.


In addition, your activities inside “TAIPEI 101” may be captured by surveillance cameras. These footages are used solely for the protection of property, personal safety, and prevention of crime. There are stringent procedures on the use of image data, and will not constitute violation of your privacy. Also, it is quite difficult to use these footages to identify specific individuals.


Depending on the applicable laws, “TAIPEI 101” may entitle you the right to request for a duplicate copy of your information, including but not limited to the purpose and scope for which we process personal information. You may obtain a duplicate copy free of charge, but we shall reserve the right to charge you if you require additional copies. We also entitle you the right to change and amend information if you have doubts toward the correctness of information provided to us.


According to laws, you may request to have “TAIPEI 101” delete your personal information. Should you decide to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal information, or if you find that the purpose to process no longer exists, that we have processed your information illegally, or that there is no further legal reason for us to keep your information on file, you may also limit the scope of which we process your personal information to specific conditions, or stop further processing/use, stop further marketing attempts to you, or request for transfer and object further processing of information. We will comply strictly with laws in regards to your requests. If you wish to exercise your legal rights over your personal information, or if you have doubts regarding the legitimacy of how we process your personal information, you may express your concerns over our customer service counter, by phone, through email, or by leaving a message on the Portal. One of our officers will be assigned to contact you and satisfy your requests as much as possible within the deadlines stipulated by law. You may also raise a complaint to the competent authority if you have any concerns regarding how “TAIPEI 101” processes personal information.


Social media

The “TAIPEI 101” Portal contains links to “TAIPEI 101” Facebook page as well as Facebook share button and related functions. These functions are provided by Facebook, so when you make use of these functions, Facebook will receive your information transmitted through the webpage. If you have logged in to Facebook, Facebook may also access your personal account information or browsing history through the web browser. If you do not consent to such actions, please make sure to disassociate “TAIPEI 101” from your Facebook page. For further details, please read Facebook usage instructions as this function is managed by Facebook. The same also applies to other social media websites that “TAIPEI 101” Portal is associated with.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are a small, text-based files that store information relating to the web browser. Cookies can be used on PCs, cellphones and other devices to store identification codes and other information. Other technologies, such as the information we store on your web browser or device, the identification code associated with your device and related software, are used for similar purposes. These technologies are collectively referred to as “Cookies” in this policy.


“TAIPEI 101” Portal will access cookies stored on your computer for various functions and purposes. Uses of cookies that are intended to store your actions and inputs when switching webpages or to ensure the security of transmitted data do not require your consent.


“TAIPEI 101” Portal will use cookies to improve your user experience, such as displaying the version of website that suits your location and preferred language, but does not establish your real identity. You may choose to store your account number and password on cookies to save you the trouble of inputting such information every time you log in to the Portal. The Portal captures this type of information solely for statistical analysis. Unless you log in as a member or shop at the Portal, this information will not be compared with your membership details or other personal information. “TAIPEI 101” will not use cookies to distribute advertisements that you might be interested in.


To enhance Portal performance in terms of better response to users' error reports and higher click-through rate, “TAIPEI 101” will gather website data including but not limited to the type of device used, IP address and browsing history. This data will be used solely for improving Portal services and analyzing website traffic. It cannot be used to identify you and will be stored indefinitely.


If you do not wish to have cookies accessed, you may configure and delete cookies on your browser or device. We encourage you to make use of browser functions and make your browsing history untraceable to others. If you require more details on these control options, please refer to user instructions of the respective browser or device, but do take note that disabling cookies may render you unable to use some of the Portal's functions or compromise service quality.


Use of information

“TAIPEI 101” will not sell your personal information to a third party under any circumstance. However, “TAIPEI 101” may provide your information to a third party in the following situations:

-     When you have agreed in advance, or for the specified purposes for which information was gathered in the first place.

-     For compliance with legal obligations or government instructions.

-     When used outside the specified purposes in a manner that complies with Personal Information Protection Act, such as to prevent illegal activities or ensure the safety of others.

-     When used to establish or secure legal claims or defenses.

-     When necessary information is provided to the law enforcement department for litigation actions, such as circumstances where “TAIPEI 101” encounters information security threat.

-     If there arises a need to transmit your information across borders, we will obtain your consent and do so only if it conforms to the laws of Taiwan, European Union or other member countries.


Change of Portal account name and password and security protection

“TAIPEI 101” will adopt appropriate security measures to protect data and prevent unexpected disruption of service and violation of data privacy. All account information registered by members on “TAIPEI 101” Portal will be password-protected. “TAIPEI 101” will take reasonable measures to protect personal information it holds on file from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, use and alteration, and corruption. Appropriate encryption technologies will be adopted for all data transmissions. Security protection measures will cover the entire data life cycle. All security measures are subject to regular examination and update in order to provide effective protection. Under the stringent requirements of existing laws, “TAIPEI 101” is obligated to report to the authority any network attacks that may affect its operations.


Online users who have registered as members may log in to the “TAIPEI 101” Portal and change their personal information and preferences at any time, including whether they wish to receive notifications on special events or new products/services.


This information needs to (1) Correctly convey the contents of our Portal; (2) optimize Portal contents and advertisements; (3) ensure long-term feasibility of our information technologies, systems, and website technologies; (4) facilitate criminal prosecution by the law enforcement department in the event of a network attack.


Data storage and management

We provide you the function to access, correct and delete your information. You may visit the configuration page of “TAIPEI 101” Portal to learn more. 

“TAIPEI 101” will retain information indefinitely until you no longer require our services, or until you cancel your account (whichever the earlier). Results of the above decision may differ from case to case depending on the nature of information, the reasons for which information is gathered and processed, and requirements of relevant laws or operations.


If you cancel your account, the information that you provide previously will not be recoverable on a later date.


Response to legal requirements

“TAIPEI 101” may access and retain your information in the following circumstances:

-     Processing of personal information solely for the expression of news, academic, artistic, or literature content; for activities outside jurisdiction of EU laws; for personal or family activities; or for the prevention, investigation, prosecution or punishment of crime can be exempted or treated as exception.

-     When the authority or judicial/police department requests access and information according to laws, including but not limited to the issuance of administrative orders, search warrants, subpoenas, decisions or judgments. When “TAIPEI 101” is instructed by the above authorities to comply with their requests or fulfill obligations to the extent capable of affecting users within the jurisdiction, we will respond to such requests and fulfill obligations accordingly if doing so conforms with globally recognized standards.

-     When we consider it necessary to support the following actions: investigation, prevention and resolution of scams, violations against our terms, conditions or policies, or behaviors that compromise the rights of other users; protection of “TAIPEI 101” (including our rights, assets, products and services) and you; investigation or response to the authority's inquisitions or instructions.


Your information may be gathered and retained for extended period of time due to legal requirement, obligation, the authority's investigation, investigation for violation of our terms or policies, or prevention of harm.


If you have any queries concerning how “TAIPEI 101” handles identifiable personal information, please express your opinions over the customer service counter, customer service hotline or the Portal. You may also raise queries to the relevant authorities.


Policy amendment

“TAIPEI 101” may amend this policy from according to the prevailing laws and environment to accommodate changes in the social environment, regulations and technology for the protection of users' privacy and intellectual property rights of Portal contents. We will notify you in advance of any changes to the policy, so that you may have a chance to review the revised policy. You are welcomed to contact us for any suggestions or supplementary information relating to the contents stated here.


Contact channel

“TAIPEI 101” contact No.: (02) 8101-8800; you may also contact us using the following “TAIPEI 101” webpage (

“TAIPEI 101” address: No. 45, Shifu Road and No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City