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Company Profile
Company Profile
An outstanding landmark is enough to transform a city, e.g. the Empire State Building in New York City, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the new Jinmao Mansion in Shanghai. In the 21st century, Taipei needs a more expansive stage for a more brilliant performance.
About Tower
The TAIPEI101 office center offers a world-class office environment and is worthy of consideration as an advantageous location for multinational corporations located in Taiwan. Aside from_ its location in the national...
About Observatory
Entrance After buying tickets, visitors may watch the multimedia show or visit the souvenir Shop before riding the elevators.TAIPEI 101 Observatory’s elevators are Guinness Record-breaking high-speed pressurized elevators in 2004, with a speed of 1010 meters per minute.
About MALL
Taipei 101 Mall has gathered together the finest in fashion and refined dining from around the world. Out customers’ wishes are thoughtfully catered to in a world-class space that brings together sensory delights, a wonderful atmosphere...