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Company Profile
Company Profile
About TAIPEI 101 Tower
The TAIPEI101 office center offers a world-class office environment and is worthy of consideration as an advantageous location for multinational corporations located in Taiwan. Aside from its location in the national, master-planned Hsinyi District, TAIPEI101 possesses numerous competitive advantages such as 2,644 square meters of unobstructed floor space, ceilings that exceed the height of most other office buildings, as well as spacious lobbies, exhibition chambers, and public spaces.
Moreover, TAIPEI101 has been planned from the beginning to take into account features most important to multinational corporations, including information networks, power and climate control systems, and the designing in of high-volume, high-efficiency output capabilities and upgrade flexibility. Businesses can be assured that not only are their present needs but that their future growth is anticipated as well. In addition, TAIPEI101’s internationally oriented customer service team, round-the-clock, year-round security services, and convenient suite of software solutions offer the ideal office setting for top business professionals. Hence, multinational corporations who locate themselves in the internationally known landmark of TAIPEI 101 assure themselves of a global business profile of the highest value.
Seamless E-implementations
With state-of-the-art infrastructure, TAIPEI 101 is expected to become an international financial information headquarters and a world-class media center with connections to the entire world. As financial and business agencies increase their demands for information and communication networks, TAIPEI 101 joins forces with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) to plan and implement the construction of a breakthrough, smart e-building for business tenants.
The TAIPEI 101 building will be equipped with dual communication channels comprised of a fiber optic backbone, microwave and satellite communication backups. The 24/7 global communication system enables financial operations to keep pace with the world and enjoy non-stop quality communications. Wireless communication in the building supports 3G multimedia and complete mobile coverage. Dual-system, dual-routing fiber optics connect every floor. 1Gbps bandwidth is sufficient for the high-speed transmission of every information type.
The cutting-edge broadband network is scalable to accommodate more videoconferences and global Internet connections for modern, efficient and international real-time communication, which benefits Taiwan’s competitiveness and helps its bid to become the Asia-Pacific Regional Financial Center. A forward-looking information security system prevents hacking or information leakage, as well as information and equipment loss, providing tenants with the most secure and effective information protection. CHT will set up its first VIP service center in the office building to provide TAIPEI 101 with around-the-clock network surveillance, which enables proactive service to the communication system to prevent malfunctions.
  • Large, unobstructed office areas.
  • 24-hour, year-roud services.
  • Highly secure environment.
  • High-efficiency communications systems.
  • Atisfies the office need of the 21st century.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic office environment.
  • Internationally seasoned management and maintenance services.
Office Facilities
  • Lobby height 16 meters, lobby area 600 pings
  • Visitor Access Kiosk System (VAKS)
  • Leasable area from 700-1,200 pings; interior area from 420-720 pings.
  • Curtain wall to core wall 11.15 to 15.48 meters.
  • Slab to slab height 4.2 meters; Internal Clear Height 2.8 meters.
  • Raised floor 6 cm high.
  • Connection point inside meter rooms for computer systems.
  • 1GB 10 Gbps optical backbone.
  • Standard floor loading 400 kg/m2 ; high load areas 1,000 kg/m2.
  • Design load of 65VA/sq m.
  • General lightings of 20 VA; average illumination level of 500-700 Lux.
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) air conditioning system serves 7 zones on each floor. 30% air conditioning offered during power failure and 24hr air conditioning offered during the night, holidays and IT room.
  • Handover Condition: includes semi-exposed grid, suspended ceiling with mineral fibre acoustic tiles, lighting units, VAV boxes, automatic sprinkler system, addressable detectors, speakers, raised flooring system, blinds, etc.