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Company Profile
Company Profile
Taiwan’s premier international shopping destination, featuring luxury goods, fashions, and fine dining.
Taipei 101 Mall has gathered together the finest in fashion and refined dining from around the world. Out customers’ wishes are thoughtfully catered to in a world-class space that brings together sensory delights, a wonderful atmosphere, and architectural aesthetics, giving form to limitless imagination. Here, you can enjoy your shopping experience in comfort and total relaxation. Taipei 101 Mall joins the ranks of world-class shopping districts such as New York’s Fifth Avenue, Paris’ Champs-Elysees, and Rome’s Via Condotti, with flagship stores and all-new design concepts to offer consumers the richest array of shopping choices. Whether from the perspective of its high-end goods, design flair, trend-setting lifestyles, or sumptuous cuisine, Taipei 101 offers consumers 101% fresh choices in fashion and dining from around the world.
TAIPEI 101 Mall feature 828,000 sq. feet of shopping, laid out as follows:
Provide easy access to shop for chic clothing, souvenirs, digital electronics products, fresh food materials, toys and more. The food court seats 1,200 people for comfortable dining setting that serve up a wide array of cuisines.
A tasteful collection showcases a wide range of globally in-season international fashion goods. The near 1300 me area enveloped in top cosmetics brand flagship shops providing you the most cutting edge concepts. This is the place you will enjoy the graceful shopping pleasure.
A tasteful collection showcases a wide range of luxury watches, premium international fashion goods, and top local designer brands, building a new space enveloped in luxurious and stylish design and bringing fashion sense to sophisticated, modern minds.
Top luxury and premium brands from around the world offer unparalleled comfort and convenience for a fine shopping experience.
Enjoy shopping at designer flagship stores, dining with the Michelin 3-star quality, or just sipping an afternoon tea while reading a great book from Page One Bookstore – a relaxing time awaits you. Take the central escalator to the ticket sale and admission to TAIPEI 101 Observatory.
Enjoy gourmet food, advanced gadgets, exquisite Taiwanese artifacts – all the things you need to lead an elegant lifestyle.TAIPEI 101 OBSERVATORY Your ticket takes you on a high-speed elevator to the Observatory on the 89th floor, where you’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of the Taipei metropolitan area.