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Sharleen Chao
Wisteria Tea House
N 25.024620, E121.534306

Wisteria Tea House occupies a central position in the political culture of Taipei. During the 1950s, Prof. Chou Te-wei and a group of leading academics met here regularly to discuss, study and promote western liberalism in Taiwan. After the pro-democracy Kaohsiung Incident in 1979, it became a meeting place for political dissidents and avant-garde artists. The building was first turned into a tea house in 1981 by owner Chou Yu. Chou named it Wisteria Tea House after the old wisteria vines growing along the building eaves. In 1997, the tea house was designated as a city historic site.

  • Public:
    MRT Station:from__ Gongguan Station (Exit 3), follow Roosevelt Rd. to Xinsheng S. Rd. and turn right (about 15 minutes).
    1.Take the No. 15、18、52、74、109、207、211、235、237、253、254、278、280、284、311、290、295、505、642、643、662、663、668、671、672、675、676 or 907 bus to the Wenzhou St. intersection or Long-an Elementary School.
    2.Parking is available under the Xinhai Rd. Bridge.
Taipei Grand Mosque
N 25.027934, E121.534195

The Taipei Grand Mosque is a center of worship for Taipei`s Muslims community. Designed by the renowned architect C.C. Yang, the mosque was built in 1960 with funds donated from_ Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. The main distinguishing feature of the mosque is its enormous domed roof. The dome is 15 meters high, 15 meters in diameter and is supported entirely without beams. The mosque is adorned with handmade Persian rugs and chandeliers presented by kings of countries allied with Taiwan. The mosque also has two minarets that rise impressively to over 20 meters. When visiting Taipei Grand Mosque, please be sure to follow the mosque rules. Only Muslims are allowed to enter the main prayer hall and second floor prayer hall for women.

  • Public:
    MRT Station: from__ Guting Station walk about 10 minutes.
    1.Bus: Take the 0 South, 3, 15, 18, 52, 72, 74, 109, 207, 211, 235, 237, 253, 254, 278, 280, 284, 290, 295, 311, 505, 642, 671, 672, 675, 676, 907
    2.Underground parking is available at Daan Forest Park.
Fuyang Eco Park
N 25.016901, E121.558182

Fuyang Eco Park is just a 5-minute walk from__ MRT Linguang Station. During the time of the Japanese Colonial Period to 1988, the site was used as a military ammunition depot. Later, it became the land designated for a park. The entire valley maintains almost the same ecological landscape that existed more than a hundred years ago. There are abundant plants in the park, with insects calling and birds singing, where natural resources such as low-elevation forests and streams are also preserved. The rare ecological park in the City is divided into several areas: Natural Succession Area, Butterfly Watching Area, Formosan Giant Flying Squirrel Observation Area and Taipei Tree Frog Observation Area. Other than tree frogs, butterflies and Formosan Giant Flying Squirrels, the Park has a total of 5000 trees covering 331 plant species, such as: Incense machilus (Machilus zuihensis), Formosa acacia (Acacia confusa), Turn In The Wind (Mallotus paniculatus), Elephant’s Ear (Macaranga tanarius), etc. In the surroundings, there are houses of the military dependents’ village, preserved forts, culverts and vicissitudinous stone steps. Marks of painstaking efforts made by the military officers are clearly evident. Standing among these old structures would give visitors an odd feeling of having a soulfuls communication with the older generation.

  • Public:
    1. Lizhong Market: Take No. 15, 15 (Shuttle), 15 (Wanmei Line), 18, 211, 282, 285, 292, 292 (Subline), 292 (Shuttle), 3, 685, 72, 902 or 902 (Shuttle), get off at Lizhong Market and walk to Fuyang Eco Park.
    2. Qingfeng Village: Take No. 237, 294, 295, 298, 611, 673 or Green 11 and get off at Qingfeng Village next to the Wellcome Supermarket, and then walk up Fuzhou Hill heading east for over 10 minutes to reach Fuyang Eco Park.
Bishan Temple
N 25.097294, E121.587662

Located on Mt. Bishan in Neihu District, Bishan Temple is dedicated to the hero Chen Yuan-kuang and his generals Li Po-yao and Ma Ren. Chen developed the Quanzhou area of Fujian Province. Among the people of Quanzhou, he is worshipped as the patron saint Kaizhang Sheng Wang. Bishan Temple is the biggest temple in Taiwan dedicated to Kaizhang Sheng Wang. The popular temple also commands a bird`s-eye view of the scenic surroundings, including the Taipei Basin, the winding Tamsui River, Liyu Mountain, and terraced fields.

  • Other:
    Bus: 220、240、247、21、222、256、267、278、28、284、287、287、521、551、552、617、620、630、677
N 25.077898, E121.567873

The Neihu-based XUE XUE INSTITUTE regularly offers an array of lectures on arts, culture and lifestyle that range from_ hands-on programs to related conceptual projectss, allowing those interested in taking culture-oriented learning programs to their liking. In the modernist spatial design of Xue Xue Stage on the ground floor, performances and exhibits are curated according to three core concepts: creativity, culture and aesthetics. After a lecture or a show, visitors can enjoy meals at the riverside-park-facing ECOH ECOH XUE Kitchen Lab on the second floor, where the cozy wooden furniture offers a dose of tranquility in downtown Taipei. The arts-filled XUE XUE INSTITUTE demonstrates Taipei’s and Taiwan’s capacity for renovation and creativity through a creative combination of current trends, lifestyle, arts, music and exhibitions.

  • Public:
    Take MRT Neihu Line, alight at Xihu Station, travel through Exit 2 and turn right at the traffic light into Lane 288, Sec. 1, Neihu Rd., walk ahead until you hit Lane 583, Ruiguang Rd., turn into Lane 548, Ruiguang Rd., turn left onto Tiding Blvd., and you will see the main entrance (an approx. 10-minute walk).

    Transfer to a bus at an MRT station (get off at Renbao Building):
    MRT Bannan Line: Blue 27 from_ Taipei City Hall Station, or No. 902 from_ Zhongxiao Dunhua Station;
    MRT Danshui Line: Red 31 from_ Minquan W. Rd. Station; Red 3 or No. 902 from_ Jiantan Station; Red 3 from_ Shilin Station.

    By Bus:
    Get off at Renbao Building (recommended) and walk for 5 minutes:
    from_ the bus stop, walk to Videoland Building, move southward along Lane 478, Ruiguang Rd. until Tiding Blvd., turn right and walk ahead for 1 minute.
    Recommended buses: No. 286 (Subline), 645 (including Subline), 902 (including Shuttle), Red 3, Red 31 and Blue 27.
     Bus No. 286 (Subline) stops at Renbao Building on
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