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Typhoon safety measures for TAIPEI 101

There is a standard operation procedure that we follow here at TAIPEI 101 whenever a natural disaster such as typhoon or earthquake occurs. Once a sea warning is issued by the Central Weather Bureau, the Phase I precautionary measure for the storm will be activated, while a command center will be set up once a land warning is issued, which usually follows the sea warning.  TAIPEI 101 staff members have been constantly improving related safety measures via previous typhoons and earthquakes and have been recognized for their efforts.



Related safety measures regarding Typhoon Soudelor are:


A.  Related inspection on the building’s glass curtain walls, public art displays, and street trees etc. has been completed after the Central Weather Bureau issued the land warning of Typhoon Soudelor at 8:30pm on Aug. 6, while sand bags are also ready.


B.   The building’s four corners were designed as “W” shape to disturb airflow and to lessen the swing affected by the strong wind, while damage prevention to this building during typhoons and earthquakes were also considered when designing.  The glass curtain wall of this building is able to take up to a wind of 1,122kg per square meter.  Since the estimated wind force of Typhoon Soudelor was estimated to be around 499kg per square meter, the building is safe.


C.  The wind damper, settled between 87th floor and 92nd floor, which is also the world’s biggest damper, will help reduce 40% of the swing of the building whenever there is a storm or earthquake affecting.  As of now, the record of the damper movement was 70cm during Typhoon Soulik in 2013.  The maximum movement of the damper was designed to go up to 150cm.


D.  The two fastest elevators in the world here at TAIPEI 101 are capable for elevating at the speed of 1,010 meters per minute, while other regular elevators were designed for the maximum speed of 480 meters per minute.  These elevators will automatically come to an emergency stop while the building’s detecting devices record a wind speed of 51 meters per second for the safety reason.