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TAIPEI 101 named ‘World’s Toughest’ Building by Popular Mechanics

TAIPEI 101 is ranked first on the list of world’s 10 toughest buildings, as determined by Popular Mechanics. The publication worked with field specialists from Yale, SHoP Architects in New York, and the Resilient Design Institute in Vermont to form the list. 


Before Typhoon Soudelorhit Taiwan this August, local and overseas media were concerned whether TAIPEI 101 could withstand the wind speed of 66 m/s, which is equivalent to force 17 on the Beaufort scale, brought by the storm. Now, in the latest report published by Popular Mechanics, TAIPEI 101 is ranked number one on the list of world’s 10 toughest buildings.


The report points out that TAIPEI 101 is located in a typhoon- and earthquake-prone area. To prevent potential structural damage by natural disasters, the building relies on the 660-ton mass damper with a 5.5-meter diameter. The recent super typhoons prove over and over again the building’s safety features and high resistance.


From design, construction, to management, TAIPEI 101 manifests Taiwan’s world-class capabilities in all aspects. Just recently, TAIPEI 101 was named one of world’s 8 most beautiful skyscrapers by BBC, which also emphasized in the report that the building is the safest skyscraper, and now TAIPEI 101 is honored again as the world’s toughest building. TAIPEI 101 has won recognitions from domestic and overseas media, and the honor belongs to every person in Taiwan!


Some other structures that made the lists include: One World Trade, New York, the Maeslantkering, Netherlands, and Kansai International Airport, Osaka, etc.


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