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TAIPEI 101 Receives LEED v4 Certification from U.S. Green Building Council as All-Time Top Scorer

Not Just Green, but Smart Too! TAIPEI 101 Aims to Become the New Paradigm for Global Supertall Green Architecture

After five years of relentless effort, TAIPEI 101 receives the world’s most authoritative and elusive green building certification—LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Version 4)—from the U.S. Green Building Council with the highest score in history, achieving the highest level of Platinum in the category of Operation and Maintenance of Existing Buildings. TAIPEI 101 is the first supertall building outside of the U.S. to have achieved this feat, and the only building in Taiwan to be recognized. After its previous LEED certification in 2011, TAIPEI 101 continued to take on greater challenge in this certification, which represents TAIPEI 101’s commitment to sustainable development in Taiwan for 10 consecutive years. 


Dr. Mahesh Ramanujam, Chairman of USGBC, has flown in to Taiwan to show the importance of this occasion. He presents LEED v4 Platinum Plaque to Chairman Joseph Te-Yu Chou of TAIPEI 101, and the two jointly host the lighting ceremony, which symbolizes TAIPEI 101’s new milestone as LEED v4 Platinum Green Building and that TAIPEI 101 will join forces with USGBC to promote LEED v4 certification in the region. 


In his opening remark, Chairman Chou mentions that TAIPEI 101 has spent five years and invested over 20 million NTD for this certification, carrying out upgrades and renewals of various equipment and systems, while installing new measures for smart energy management, green lighting, air conditioning energy saving, and environmentally-friendly electricity. The investment may be substantial, but it is definitely worth it for our island. Chairman Chou thanks the board of directors, tenants, partners, and all employees for support and hard work, and stresses that “The reason TAIPEI 101 took on the challenge of LEED v4 certification is embodied by the number in its name, 101; we are not satisfied with 100, we always want to do better and continue to transcend ourselves, showing the world the fighting spirit of people in Taiwan. Although TAIPEI 101 is no longer the world’s tallest building, we have taken on a new image; we can proudly say that TAIPEI 101 is the new paradigm of global supertall green buildings. We are green today, and will continue our efforts in the future, so that this building is not just a landmark, but the green bright spot of Taiwan!”


Since 2008, TAIPEI 101 has invested 60 million NTD and tremendous manpower and resources to replace facilities and equipment, striving to transform into the world’s first supertall green building that breathes. TAIPEI 101 successfully received green building certification in 2011, providing all people working in the building a quality and environment-friendly working environment. Today, the office building has increased total rented area by 20% compared to the first certification, and it is greatly encouraging to the management team to receive LEED v4 certification with such high occupancy rate. CEO and Founding Chairman of USGBC, Mr. Rick Fedrizzi, praises TAIPEI 101 that “With such distinguished leadership, TAIPEI 101 is showing it can stand taller among its peers, without adding a single floor.”


Siemens Ltd., Taiwan President and CEO Erdal Elver remarked: “TAIPEI 101, which received LEED recertification this year, continues to lead the industry in striving to enhance its operational performance and doing its part to foster environmental sustainability. Siemens feels very proud to be a long-term partner of TAIPEI 101. We are proud to provide TAIPEI 101 with turnkey energy saving and intelligent technology, continuing to strengthen the super skyscraper`s status as a world leader.”


For the LEED v4 certification process, TAIPEI 101 has commissioned CBRE to provide consulting services to help with the application and accreditation. 


Our achievements:

  • Energy Saving—TAIPEI 101’s occupancy rate increased to 95.79% by the end of 2015, a 50,000 square-meter increase compared to 2007; however, the building has saved 184 GW/h in energy consumption since 2007. Including power consumption of the shopping mall, TAIPEI 101 has saved 262 GW/h, which is equivalent to a reduction of 139,083 tons of carbon emissions. Considering that Daan Forest Park offsets 389 tons of carbon every year, the reduced amount of carbon emissions equals to Daan Forest Park’s carbon absorption over 357 years. 
  • Water Saving—When applying for LEED v4 Platinum certification in 2011, TAIPEI 101 installed water-saving equipment in all toilets, which saves 50,000 tons of water annually, equivalent to the total water consumption of 140 households of four. Also, by utilizing outdoor platforms, TAIPEI 101 recycles rainwater for 100% reuse. Rainwater collected through water collection system is used to water all plants in the building and the shopping mall, as well as in the washrooms in the shopping mall. During years with high precipitations, TAIPEI 101 can save approximately 58,000 tons of water. Furthermore, TAIPEI 101 is fully installed with smart digital water meter and water-saving equipment and facilities for more effective monitoring and utilization, preventing water waste and preserving water resource.
  • Recycling—Excluding the shopping mall, TAIPEI 101’s total wastes in 2015 weighed 1,214 tons, within which 943 tons were recyclable, and 271 tons were unrecyclable, and the recycling rate reached 77%. From collection, classification, packaging, weighing, to removal of wastes, TAIPEI 101 pays attention to every step of the waste management procedure. TAIPEI 101 features enclosed garbage disposal system, and unrecyclable wastes from different floors go through an automated process that shreds and presses the wastes, and removed from the building via garbage containers. This process saves manpower and eliminates messy environment, propelling the cycle of recycling and management of wastes. 


Other sustainable and environmental-friendly measures—

  • TAIPEI 101 signed the “Memorandum of Understanding for HVAC System Demand Response Measure” with Taipower in March 2015, becoming the first building in Taiwan to sign a contract with Taipower. TAIPEI 101 also purchased 101 MW/h green power to support Taipower’s “Renewable Energy Development Fund.”
  • Donates NTD 1.01 Million to Hsinchu’s “Nature Valley” to Safeguard Taiwan’s Natural Environment.

Located on the border of Cyonglin Township and Hengshan Township in Hsinchu, Nature Valley is the first environmental charitable trust in Taiwan. At 380 meters above sea level, Nature Valley covers an area of 1.8 hectares. After years of hard work, the natural environment has been restored, and native species such as Maesa japonica, Angiopteris fokiensis, and Hydrangea chinensis Maxim are all growing and thriving. Research shows that there are 97 families and 262 species of vascular plants, and 22 of them are native of Taiwan. There are even more varieties of insects, having 162 species of spiders. This is Taiwan’s best natural classroom of natural ecology. 

  • MoU with Siemens to Introduce the Navigator Cloud-Based Building Management System. 

This system directly collects all useful energy data to the cloud and provides feedback, so that the building’s energy consumption can be comprehensively monitored and efficiency can be further optimized. TAIPEI 101 cooperates with Siemens to turn TAIPEI 101 into the world’s first digital and smart supertall building. 


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