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Go Bravery! 2017 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up Takes All onto Global Stage

International towerrunning race, the 2017 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up, which attracts global attention started today (May 7th). Not only has this year’s race been listed as one of the major races of the Towerrunning World Championship held by Towerrunning World Association (TWA), it has also been designated as the host of the Asian-Oceanian Towerrunning Championships for the first time. To encourage more elite runners to participate in the race, TAIPEI 101 specially provides a record-breaking prize of NTD 200,000 for new record-setter, while also increasing the amounts of all prizes. The race for individual runners kick-off at 9am, the highly expected Australian runner Mark Bourne, won the Asian& Oceanian Towerrunning Championships with a record of 11 minutes and 24seconds. The Australian Suzy Walsham won the female champion with a record of 13 minutes and 36 seconds. However, the course record has not been broke this year.

This year, a total of 4,500 runners from 36 countries will participate in the race. TAIPEI 101 will also sponsor this year’s local champions to fly to the next stop on the Towerrunning tournament (Guangzhou), and compete with international runners.


Record Set at First TAIPEI 101 Run-Up Still Stands

Record-Holder Paul Crake to Make Appearance


This year’s 2017 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up is the thirteenth edition of the famed towerrunning race held by TAIPEI 101. However, top records for male and female runners were both set at the inaugural race in 2005. Male record-holder Paul Crake completed the historic feat in 10 minutes and 29 seconds, but he was later injured in a road accident that left him in wheelchair. However, he has since turned misfortune into motivation, and now sells disability aids that help people with disabilities to drive a car. Paul Crake specially comes to Taiwan from Australia to cheer for all runners, and his wife Daniela Zanon also participate the race for the first time. Daniela said before the competition that she wished to finish the race within 25 minutes and she would wear the shirt Paul Crake wore in 2005: “I want to take part of Paul to the top”. Finally, Daniela finished the race in a record of 25 minutes and 53seconds. Regardless of her performance, their participations have made history for themselves and the race.

Last but not least, the title sponsor of the year CTBC’s CEO of Cards and Payment Liu I-cheng challenged the race for the first time, competed with Chairman David Malott of CTBUH (Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat). David Malott finally finished the race with a record of 28 minutes and 59 seconds.


Results :

Man –  1. Mark Bourne (Australia) 11’24”90

2. Leon Keely (AUS) 12’33”00

3. Guo Jun-gu (郭俊谷) (Taiwan, R.O.C) 12’52”75

4. Zhou Qing (周青) (Taiwan, R.O.C) 12’54”98

5. Jiang Yan Ching (江晏慶) (Taiwan, R.O.C) 12’58”62

Woman – 1. Suzy Walsham (Australia) 13’36”12

2. Alice McNamara (Australia) 14’58”80

3. Shi Jing-hui(施靜慧) (Taiwan, R.O.C) 16’11”16

4. Fan Feng-juan(樊鳳娟) (Mainland China) 16’49”27

5. Cindy Reid (Australia) 17’53”05