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2017 TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend Exhibition builds the platform for sustainable smart technology

         To understand more about Smart trend and Smart Technology, come to TAIPEI 101. TAIPEI 101 hosted the first ever “TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend Exhibition”, The TAIPEI 101 Chairman Joseph Chou, TAIPEI City vice Mayor Charles Lin , U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), USBGC board technology development Senior Manager Apoorv Vij, and all the sponsors have begun the 3-day forum with a press conference and Opening Ceremony at 1 p.m.  August 21st.


        TAIPEI 101 achieved LEED Platinum and earned the highest score using the LEED v4 O+M rating system in 2016. TAIPEI 101 also hosted the “Smart Cities, Smart Forum” along with the Award Ceremony that provided a platform for industry leaders to exchange experiences on the topic of environmental sustainability. As the first supertall building in the world to achieve LEED Platinum using LEED v4, TAIPEI 101 aims to set an example for all buildings and promote the use of smart green technology. In addition, the TAIPEI 101 Chairman Joseph Chou said: “as the first supertall building in the world to achieve the LEED Platinum using the LEED v4 rating system, TAIPEI 101 cannot be the one of its kind, but efficiently use our landmark advantage to be the promoter for Smart and Innovative applications by combining all industry leaders power, to build the sustainable smart technology platform that propagates green innovations.”


         The TAIPEI City Vice Mayor Charles Lin has always advocated the advantages of building a Smart City. When presenting his speech, he was very enthusiastic to engage industry leaders in the development of Smart technology. This has also reflected on the spirit of the yearly event “Smart City Forum” hosted in TAIPEI to explore various technologies that helps TAIPEI to move towards a more friendly, livable and energy-saving smart city.


         The TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend has invited 12 iconic tech companies to showcase the newest state of technology.  Arc, the state-of-the-art digital platform that uses real-time data to help LEED and other green building projects benchmark, measure and improve sustainability performance across water, energy, waste, transportation and human experience,  allows projects to see in real-time how “green” the building is and compare metrics to other local, regional and global averages thus enabling projects to make more informed decisions to improve performance. German company Siemens is showcasing the newest digitalization technology, which sets the blueprint for smart living in the future; this includes building management, energy management, smart factory management, etc. This would eventually help their clients to move one step closer to industrial 4.0. Dutch company Philips Lighting brings the newest “Philips Hue” that works with IoT to allow us to directly control the LED lights, and revolutionizes our way of experiencing lighting. Otis has the newest Smart Elevator that actively learns the flow of people and sends the elevator to the floors with the most crowds. Kimberly Clark moves beyond the future and brings us the C.H.E.S.S-5 in 1 smart bathroom” that showcases the cloud IoT management and improves users’ satisfaction rate.


         At the same time many of our local Taiwan technologies also takes part in the exhibition. The Center of Art and Technology in Taiwan combines the smart technology and artistic creativity to create the newest autonomous stage that presents the interactive technical art.  Chung Yuan Christian University has developed a Smart UAV drones and systems that can be used for all purposes making the impossible possible.  TAIPEI 101 tenant Cheetah Mobile is showcasing the photo app called “Photo Grid” that has already reached millions of downloads around the world; the application uses the movements of users combined with IoT to tract real-time information and use the social media data to move along with the smart trend. Furthermore, the electric motor company Faraday Motor uses the AMPSTM controller to show that they are on the frontline of Smart trend and green technologies. HEX safety Inc uses Dynamic exit signs and evolution panels to minimize casualties during a fire incident. Full Enterprise develops spaces that help the elderly with the use of IoT and automation in order to build a safe environment for people to live in. Lastly, Xing Mobility is showing the “Miss E” race car, the first electric race car designed, developed and manufactured in Taiwan.


         By conglomerating all industries’ smart technology and smart endeavors, TAIPEI 101 aspires to lead on the path of building stepping stones to helps Taiwan to be a part of Global Smart City Family.


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