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2018 TAIPEI 101 New Year Show Crowd of a Million Gathered in front of City Hall for the Count Down

2018 TAIPEI 101 New Year Show

Crowd of a Million Gathered in front of City Hall for the Count Down

Fireworks Show Combined with Multimedia Display for the First Time

Full 360 Seconds of Excitement


One minute before 2018, the outdoor LED net screen, T-Pad, on the façade of TAIPAI 101 lit up instantly to capture the attention of all people! Next, Taiwanese heroes took control of the passing time on T-Pad, which symbolized seizing of the last minute of 2017; at this moment, the identity of the first Taiwanese hero was unveiled: CHEN Chin-feng walked out from giant beams of light, and, with determined eyes, led all visitors through the last 10 seconds of 2017. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” As the crowd counted down together, spectacular fireworks exploded into the sky and lit up the evening, and sparked joy and passion of all people for the new year! 


This is the 14th TAIPEI 101 New Year Show. Unlike previous years, which mainly featured fireworks displays, TAIPEI 101 had already set up the LED net screen, T-Pad, on the northern façade in December. The letter “T” represented Time, Taipei, and Taiwan, and the installation of T-Pad not only provided citizens a sense of anticipation that it was “time for year-end countdown” and “time for new year,” but also embodied multiple meanings including “Time for Taiwan,” “Time for Taipei,” and “Time for 2018.” T-Pad not only counted down to the new year with the citizens in December, but also joined the fireworks show on New Year’s Eve; the unprecedented fireworks display, which lasted 360 seconds and featured 16,000 shots, began one full minute before midnight, making it the longest Taipei 101 Fireworks Show in history, and presented a never-seen-before visual feast!


Involving Young Taiwanese Creative Teams

Reducing Number of Shots and Incorporating Multimedia Display


The theme of 2018 TAIPEI 101 New Year Show was “Happy Together,” wishing that, with the arrival of the new year, all people living on this soil can be happy. This happiness should not belong exclusively to a specific group of people; this happiness should be shared by all people living here in Taiwan. Therefore, with the theme “Happy Together,” we hoped that the fireworks did not just brighten up the sky momentarily, but it would also light up our vision for Taiwan’s future; let’s all wish for a happier Taiwan, and let’s all share this happiness. Furthermore, to show TAIPEI 101’s determination for environmental sustainability, the number of shots was once again reduced this year, dropping from the peak of 30,000 shots to 16,000 shots; nonetheless, T-Pad multimedia display was incorporated into the show to reduce environmental impacts and pollutions while allowing all people to enjoy the festivity.


For this year’s show, TAIPEI 101 gathered a number of local creative teams: The General Association of Chinese Culture provided creative consulting, and recommended young artist Agi Chen, who had previously been involved in image design of 2017 Taipei Universiade Opening Ceremony and National Day light sculpture, as the image director; Giant Show, the company that has cooperated with TAIPEI 101 for many years and rich fireworks display experience, imported the concept of LED net screen, and incorporated local creativity. The upgrade project of Taipei 101’s lighting system headed by globally renowned Taiwanese lighting artist Uno Lai was also completed, and variation of lighting on the eastern, southern, and western façades of the building was enhanced to go along with the New Year Fireworks Show. Through division of works by the entire production team, this year’s fireworks display was as spectacular as it could be.


T-Pad Showcased History of Taiwan

Taiwanese Heroes Chen Chin-Feng, A-Mei Chang, and Anna Symbolized Passing down of Torch


The annual theme of the show, “Happy Together,” featured main visuals based on traditional iron window grills of Taiwan; TAIPEI 101 is in itself an architectural landmark, and by exploring architecture-related traditional patterns, such as patterned glass, decorative tiles, window grills, and floral patterns found in old houses, TAIPEI 101’s status as the aesthetic landmark that incorporated both traditional and contemporary beauty was highlighted through “conversion” and “manifestation” of these architectural elements. Through creations of contemporary techno art, TAIPEI 101 was turned into the creative core that was shared by all people and connected memories of people, establishing a bridge of happiness that linked history and future.


This year’s show consisted of five segments. The first segment was the prelude: “Heroes Counting Down,” as baseball legend Chen Chin-feng led all citizens to seize the last moment of 2017, and head into 2018 together. The next segment, starting from the very first second of 2018, marked the beginning of the main feature. Chapter One: “Revisiting Classics;” the sound of fireworks ignited the dark evening sky, while white, gold and red colors paired with traditional folk patterns, such as patterned glass, decorative tiles, and window grills, to present the traditions of Taiwan. Chapter Two: “Recreating Classics;” Taiwan’s traditional iron window grill designs not only fused classic architectural elements, but also displayed creative energy full of its unique geographical culture. At this moment, the second hero—pop diva A-Mei Chang took stage with her unmistakable voice, and her image immediately showed up on T-Pad; the falling green fireworks seemed to be unveiling her mysterious look. As A-Mei sang an ancient tune, T-Pad displayed Taiwan’s classic financial buildings from earlier years, from Osaka Churitsu Bank, Mitsui & Co., to Nitaka Hotel, which corresponded to the modern Taipei 101, showcasing Taipei 101’s fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetic spirits. Chapter Three: “Invincible Youth;” emerging pop star Anna took stage with song “Party Crasher.” Debuted in 2017, Anna energized the crowd with her dynamic voice and dance, and the fireworks also became more colorful and splendid at this time, which displayed the explosive power and potential of Taiwanese youth when exploring the world, while also symbolizing the passing down of the torch to a new generation. Chapter Four: “2017 Year in Review;” the most wonderful memory that touched all people was when Taiwanese athletes won gold medals in nine different events at the Universiade, which further promoted Taiwan on a global stage. T-Pad showed the silhouettes of these nine athletes, and reviewed the wonderful memories of 2017, further igniting the atmosphere! Next, it was not cork that popped out from champagne bottle, but FORMOSAT-5 satellite that was launched last year. At the end of the show, seven colors of rainbow covered the entire building to symbolize the colorful future and splendid 2018, hoping that every person, regardless of skin color, religion, ethnicity, or gender, can all live to show off own true color.