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World Championship in Taiwan! 2018 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up Attracted Enthusiastic Participations

Polish and Australian Runners Won Male and Female Champions amongst a Sea of Flags


The international race that attracts global attention, the 2018 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up World Championships, starts today (5/5), featuring over 5,000 runners from 47 countries, reigniting the passion during the Universiade. Not only has this year’s race been listed as one of the major races of the Towerrunning World Championship held by Towerrunning World Association (TWA), it has also been designated as the host of the World Towerrunning Championship for the first time. After hosting the Asia-Pacific Towerruning Championship last year, TAIPEI 101 has once again earned international recognition.


This year’s run-up race has increased its level of difficulty! To meet the standards of international competition, all Elite runners must complete two heats in the race. First heat of the race was from 1F to 35F, where runners earned first-heat points; the second heat required runners to complete the race from 1F to 91F, and the final ranking was determined by the sum of all points from two heats of the race. The level of difficulty was a lot higher than the past, but the race still attracted the participation of 16 Taiwanese male and female runners. In the Male Division, all of the world’s top 10 runners were here in Taiwan this year. Current world No. 1 runner Piotr Lobodzinski, the favorite to win the race, came out on top in both heats as expected, and won the Male Champion with a score of 560 points. As for the Female Division, Australian Suzy Walsham, who had won the TAIPEI 101 Run-Up multiple times before and was the winner of the 2017 Towerrunning World Championship, also earned the highest score of 560 after two heats of the race, and won the champion as expected. When both champions received their prizes at the podium, their respective national anthems were played, and the winning runners all smiled happily and raised the trophies high in the air to celebrate their victories.


The scores of top six male runners were: 1. Piotr Lobodzinski (Poland)—560 pts, 1F-91F Time: 11’11”93; 2. Christian Riedl (Germany)—475 pts; 3. Frank Nicolas Carreno (Columbia)—455 pts; 4. Ryoji Watanabe (Japan)—400 pts; 5. Mark Bourne (Australia)—380 pts; 6. George Heimann (Germany)—355 pts. The scores of top six female runners were: 1. Suzy Walsham (Australia)—560 pts, 1F-91F Time: 13’01”55; 2. Valentina Belotti (Italy)—475 pts; 3. Zusana Krchova (Czech)—475 pts; 4. Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (Poland)—395 pts; 5. Muhua Jian (Mainland China)—365 pts; 6. Cindy Harris (USA)—365 pts. Ranking was determined by the time of the second heat for runners with the same score.


As for Taiwanese runners, although 16 runners competed for World Towerrunning Championship ranking, all failed to make it into the top 6. Kuo Chun-ku, male local champion of 2015 and 2017, surpassed his record of 12’50”94 from last year and won this year’s local male champion. In the local female division, Shih Ching-hui, female local champion of 2016, won the local champion with a time of 15’55”29.


Competing in the race for the first time, celebrities Tai Chih-yuan and Hsieh Kun-da earned applauses as they crossed the finish line. Hsieh Kun-da completed the race with a time of 21’41”32, and Tai Chih-yuan finished with a record of 29’41”81, which were both respectable feats.


Although a bonus prize of NTD 200,000 was offered for the new record, no one was able to break the record.


Unprecedented! Yingge Ceramic Finisher’s Medal Showcases Taiwan’s Cultural and Creative Industry


The “2018 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up” marks the 14th year of the race. For international runners to further understand Taiwan, this year’s Finisher’s Medal is specially made with Yngge Ceramic. All runners who complete the race from 1F to 91F, a total of 2046 stairs, were received a Finisher’s Medal.

Ceramic is an important cultural asset of Taiwanese crafts and arts, as well as an iconic national craft. A piece of fine ceramic needs to go through the process of kneading, glazing, and firing, just like vertical marathon, where runners must withstand the test of determination and endurance, before stepping onto the top of the world. This year’s race uses ceramic as the material for the Finisher’s Medal to not only showcase traditional Taiwanese culture, but also to enable foreign runners to learn more about Taiwan, and see Taiwan’s culture and creativity.


Driving City Tourism through Competition, Seeing Taipei from different Perspectives


The 2018 CTBC-TAIPEI 101 Run-Up was not just one stop on the Towerrunning World Tour, but also the host of World Towerrunning Championship. The organization of the major competition brought many foreign runners to Taiwan, and Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism also made special arrangements for the international runners to tour the city on tourism bus, and provided the international guests a map of Taipei labeled with restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide Taipei, hoping that the runners would enjoy the delicious foods, feel the cultural and creative ambience, and experience local lifestyle, experiencing Taipei’s wonderfulness through different perspectives so that they would invite more friends to visit Taipei upon returning to home countries.


CTBC Calls for All Card Holders to Run Up for Charity


This year is the third time CTBC joins forces with TAIPEI 101 Run-Up, and to celebrate the sponsorship, all participants joining the race in the “Individual” category and paying with CTBC credit card will get a 10%-off discount on entry fee. Also, the organizer will continue to allocate 5% of all entry fees paid by CTBC card holders for CTBC Charity Foundation’s “Rural Areas Little League and Junior League Baseball Teams Sponsorship.” For the last two year, CTBC had provided opportunities for children form disadvantaged families to realize their dreams through donation made from the entry fee of TAIPEI 101 Run-Up.


Scores by Division:

Male Division:

1. Piotr Lobodzinski (Poland)—560 pts, 1F-91F Time: 11’11”93

2. Christian Riedl (Germany)—475 pts, 1F-91F Time: 11’15”13

3. Frank Nicolas Carreno (Columbia)—455 pts, 1F-91F Time: 11’49”18

4. Ryoji Watanabe (Japan)—400 pts, 1F-91F Time: 11’48”33

5. Mark Bourne (Australia)—380 pts, 1F-91F Time: 11’49”70

6. George Heimann (Germany)—355 pts, 1F-91F Time: 12’26”71


Female Division:

1. Suzy Walsham (Australia)—560 pts, 1F-91F Time: 13’01”55;

2. Valentina Belotti (Italy)—475 pts, 1F-91F Time: 13’15”67

3. Zusana Krchova (Czech)—475 pts, 1F-91F Time: 13’52”19

4. Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (Poland)—395 pts, 1F-91F Time: 14’25”48

5. Muhua Jian (Mainland China)—365 pts, 1F-91F Time: 14’07”19

6. Cindy Harris (USA)—365 pts, 1F-91F Time: 14’25”67


Ranking was determined by the time of the second heat for runners with the same score


Local Male Champion:

Kuo Chun-Ku—12’50”94


Local Female Champion:

Shih Ching-Hui—15’55”29


Corporate Team:

  1. Taipei City Fire Department
  2. Chunghwa Telecom
  3. Hiwin Technologies Corp.


Record Holders:

Male Runner—Paul Crake (Australia), 10’29”32 (2005)

Female Runner—Andrea Mayr (Austria), 12’38”85 (2005)