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Taipei 101

An landmark building can be a catalyst for a city. Facing the 21st century, Taipei needs a wider stage. Like the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, and the late Jinmao Tower in Shanghai.

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Visiting the tallest building in a new city has a natural appeal because it gives us a chance to gain a unique perspective of the city. When you come to Taipei 101, you can take the super-high-speed elevator up to the 89th floor and take in the whole city from a special vantage point. Up there in the clouds you're sure to be captivated and moved by taking in so much of Taipei and it's surrounding area, whether you visit in the daytime or at night.

Observation Deck

Experience New Taipei and Old Taipei at a glance

Tours of the observation deck start from the 5th floor "Stunning Taiwan" exhibition area, where visitors will learn about Taiwan's rich ecology and multiculturalism via HD imagery combined with music and interactive somatosensory devices. Understanding Taiwan's ecology, innovations, and technology enriches the experience of being in Taiwan before boarding elevator to the 89th floor viewing platform.

Exploring Taiwan

From Gallery 400 on the 91st floor, you can take in all the spectacle of seeing the city and the sky from a great height, but you can also learn about the construction of Taipei 101 and our annual fireworks display.


Skyline 460 has never before been opened to the public. This outdoor area of the tower has an unobstructed 360˚-view of Taipei, from the mountainous peaks of the northern suburbs to where the Tamsui and Keelung Rivers meet. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to feel the mist of clouds on your skin and gaze far into the distance from Skyline 460.

Speed Elevator

The Taipei 101 Observation Deck is equipped with two ultra-high-speed elevators with rising speeds of up to 1,010 meters per minute. It takes only 37 seconds tot climb from the 5th floor to the 89th floor observation deck. You've never ridden an elevator like this before.

Wind Damper

With a diameter of 5.5 meters and a total weight of 660 metric tons, the wind damper of the Taipei 101 Observation Deck is the second-largest in the world. The damper, with is available for viewing, is made of 41 layers of 12.5 cm thick steel plate that is welded and suspended from the 92nd floor to the 87th. The damper stabilizes Taipei 101 by counterbalancing wind and earthquake motion.

Infinite Horizon

With a special mirroring principle on the floor you can experience the illusion of an infinite horizon, creating the impression that you are living in a kaleidoscope.


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