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Best in the World
Best in the World
The High-Speed Elevator
These two high-speed elevators, with the speed of 1010 m/min, are equipped with the most advance high-tech components. These two elevators are also features with: Atmospheric Pressure Control, Active Mass Damper, Aerodynamic Capsule, High Performance Roller Guide and Safety Device.
Atmospheric Pressure Control
Suction and discharge blower for regulating and making constant change of atmospheric pressure within a car are mounted at the bottom of an airtight car. This control system can reduce passenger’s ears to pop.
Aerodynamic Capsule
Spoilers are attached to the upper and lower ends of streamline aerodynamic capsule for comfortable ride. Wind noise is reduced when the car runs within a hoist-way at an ultra high speed of 60 Km/hrs.
Safety Device
The safety device is mounted near guide roller at the bottom of a car. It drives to stop the car in few seconds in case the ropes broken and car free falling. We adopt silicon nitride ceramic to bear the high temperature by friction and it contributes to sufficient braking force. In case of emergency operation, safety device activates to stop a car in safety.
High Performance Roller Guide
The device is designed specially for a car running smoothly on the rails. 2 rollers mounted in upper and lower parts of a car are clamped on the rails 3 directions. The forced vibration transmitted to a car is decreased effectively. In addition, the rails have the function to absorb vibration for comfortable ride.
Active Mass Damper
When the lateral vibration of the car is detected, the linear drive motor moves mass in reverse direction to reduce the vibration. Momentary vibration caused by an adjacent car passing each other can be decreased remarkably.
Wind Damper
The TAIPEI 101 Observatory has the world's largest and heaviest wind damper with a diameter reaching 5.5 m (18 feet) and a weight of 660 tons. It is the only operational wind damper in the world exposed for public viewing. The wind damper is suspended between the 92nd and 87th floors and is composed of 41 layers of 12.5 cm (5 inch) thick steel plates riveted together, serving as one of the key elements of wind and earthquake resistance systems of TAIPEI 101.
Tuned Mass Damper(TMD)
The complete name of the TAIPEI 101 wind damper is the tuned mass damper (TMD). The TMD has been specifically designed as a passive damper system and is positioned at the center of the tower between the 87th and 92nd floors. Its main purpose is to reduce the swaying of the tower during strong winds and eliminate any resulting discomfort experienced by anyone within the building. Unlike conventional damper systems that are usually hidden from public view, special functional and aesthetic considerations have been made for the TAIPEI 101 wind damper so that visitors can take a look at the entire wind damper system and see how it operates at the Observatory.
Introduction to the structure of the Wind Damper
Mass Block
The mass damper is composed of 41 layers of 12.5 cm (5 inch) thick solid steel plates stacked and riveted together to form a sphere that measures 5.5 m (18 feet) in diameter with a weight of 660 tons.
The mass block is suspended from the 92nd floor using eight steel cables measuring 8.9 cm (3.5 inch) in diameter and 42 m (138 feet) in length. In order to ensure cable flexibility and maximize its durability, each steel cable is composed of over 2000 steel strands, achieving a designed safety coefficient of 4. In other words, only 1/4 of the steel cables are required to support the entire mass of the wind damper. The design allows a maximum swaying amplitude of 150 cm.
Hydraulic Viscous Damper
Eight diagonal primary hydraulic viscous dampers were installed below the mass block that were designed to automatically absorb the impulse caused by the swaying of the mass block and use the tower's own movement to cancel the absorbed energy.
Bumper System
A bumper ring has been installed under the mass block to restrict the swaying of the spherical mass block. The bumper ring itself is connected to eight horizontal snubber hydraulic viscous dampers designed to limit the swaying of the wind damper ball to within 150 cm on very rare major typhoons or powerful earthquakes.
Video of the wind damper in action
Movement of the wind damper on September 21st, 2014, during Typhoon Phoenix.
Damper Baby
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