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Management Services
Management Services
Management Team
Observing the core values of TAIPEI 101, SPIRIT - Service Passion Integrity Respect Innovation Teamwork, TAIPEI 101 TOWER endeavors to provide all tenants with 5-star property management services.
Tower Leasing & Marketing
  • - Office Leasing
Tower Management
  • - Conference Center
  • - Tower Service Center
  • - Environment Management
  • - Security Management
  • - Project and fit-out Management
Engineering Operation Management
  • - Call Center
  • - Central Control Center
  • - MEP Maintenance
  • - Building Maintenance
Tower Service Center
Tenants, occupants and visitors who require assistance, guidance or information on the Tower are welcome to visit the Tower Service Center on 35F.
Scope of Services:
  • • Access cards production / cancellation / alteration
  • • After-hour air conditioning application
  • • Tenant’s parking lot application
  • • Mechanical and electrical maintenance services assistance
  • • Moving in and out inquiries and application
  • • Temporary access cards application
  • • Service elevator application
  • • Events notice and public announcement / MALL sales announcement
  • • Tools renting
  • • Other enquiries and assistance
Hours Monday - Friday 07:30 – 22:00
Tel (02) 8101-6165
Information Desk 1F
Management personnel also occupy the 24-hour information desk located in the 1F Lobby of the Tower.
Main Services:
  • • Tower services information
  • • Local area map and information
  • • Temporary Visitor Permit services
  • • Visitor Access Kiosk System (VAKS) information and assistance
  • • Lost-and-found services
Hours Monday - Sunday 24 hours
Tel (02) 8101-7780 8101-7781
Post Office and Express Delivery
A post office is located in front of the Xinyi car park elevator on basement level 2. Each tenant is allocated a mailbox located beside the post office. Tenants' regular mail is placed in exclusive mailboxes on basement level 2 and should be personally collected by tenants.
Main Services:
• Chunghwa Post Service
Chunghwa Post Service is available at the post office. Operating hours are Mondays to Fridays from 15:00 to 16:00. Domestic and overseas regular, express, and registered mail, as well as parcel delivery services are provided. Banking services are not available.
• Large Parcels or Items
Tenants can go to the unloading area of basement level 2 to collect all domestic or international large parcels or items. The large parcels or items can then be delivered to the tenant's floor via the freight elevator.
• Small Express Deliveries
For small-sized mail deliveries by express delivery personnel, delivery personnel should use the visitor card issuing machine. Tenants should verify the cards before allowing personnel to deliver the mail direct to their building floors.
Hours Mondays to Fridays 08:30 – 15:50
Call Center
The Call Center provides tenants with 24-hour maintenance service. All requests will be handled in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the minimum disruption to your operations. However, please understand that should a number of simultaneous problems be reported, our priority will be to attend and resolve the most urgent problems first.
Tel (02) 8101-8888
TAIPEI 101 is protected throughout with a full team of professionally trained security staff on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. To protect the people and assets of this world’s landmark, TAIPEI 101 has installed one of the world’s most advanced, customized, integrated electronic security systems that are designed to provide constant control and monitoring of the Tower to help provide tenants and visitors with the knowledge that their safety is in good hands. The surveillance system has monitors and security facilities that will effectively transmit real time security feeds of all main entrances, elevators and public/common areas through an optical cable network.
Visitor Access Kiosk System (VAKS)
The visitor contacts the tenant using a telephone at the side of the information desk. With tenant’s authorization, the visitor will receive the proper permits to access the optically controlled gate. The system keeps a complete record and knows the number of visitors as well as the floors they are visiting. It eliminates the faults and hassles of traditional permits such as personal information leaks. In addition, visitors are verified by the specific tenants, preventing unsolicited visitors and improving security.
Smartcard Access System
The elevators and entrance guarding the TAIPEI 101 TOWER is electronically controlled by the Smartcard Access System 24 hours a day. All tenant staff must hold a programmed Smartcard in order to access the tower. On site workers, persons without access cards or invalid access cards must be checked by official personnel at the Information counter on level 1 to confirm their identity only then shall they be allowed to gain accesses to the tower as a visitor.
Passenger Elevator Security Mode
When a tenant or staff member wants to go to his office floor after normal working hours, he must swipe his card at the Elevator Card Reader to activate the elevator to arrive at his floor. Those without access cards need to enquire and register with the security guard at the information desk for a visitor’s pass, and personnel from the tenant’s floor must come to the lobby to escort their visitor to their premises
Usage of Elevators
Any personnel with tools, mail carts, trolley or delivering goods are not permitted to transport via passenger elevators.
Usage of Service Elevators
Service elevators are mainly for access to the loading area, deliveries and courier services. The service elevators are not for tenants or visitors. All tenants and visitors should use the regular passenger elevators.
Public Area Cleaning
To provide tenants with an agreeable environment, professional cleaning contractors are employed to clean and maintain all public areas, including lobbies, elevators, restrooms, corridors, staircases, etc.. In addition, the public area and accessory equipment are also disinfected and cleaned regularly.
Curtain Wall Cleaning
The exterior glass curtain wall of the building is cleaned periodically each year. To ensure safety and efficiency, TAIPEI 101 TOWER is equipped with the most advanced window cleaning system with custom-made gondola specially designed for the Tower.
Green Policy
Environmental protection is an important issue to TAIPEI 101 TOWER. All trash discarded by the tenants is required to be categorized into recyclable resources and regular trash as per government regulations. Tenants are required to place categorized trash into different color-labeled receptacles located in the service elevator lobby of each floor. Tower cleaners will take the trash down to B2 temporary trash storage area. To create The 101 Green Community, the Tower is devoted to the promotion of energy saving and green concepts, and we also invite all tenants to practice green policies.
Maintain The Environment
In order to maintain a superior working ambience, TAIPEI 101 TOWER makes every effort in creating an agreeable and beautiful environment. Several landscaped gardens lined up the outside of TAIPEI 101 TOWER. Many fine public artworks are commissioned and installed to create a truly world-class working environment.