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Prestige Club

The Taipei 101 Honor Club, which is constantly committed to providing top-notch service, was officially launched on January 25, 2010. It will be awarded to Taipei 101 with the new top-class honored member service content. The loyal customers of the boutique consumer strength have established the brand status of Taipei 101 towards the top shopping malls in Asia.

Extreme members can use the VIP exclusive parking area to enter Taipei 101, and take the elevator that needs to be activated by the membership card to reach the club. The whole process is secret and undisturbed. Hire a designer to design nearly 200 pings of elegant space, with a variety of boutique equipment. Members can not only overlook the shopping mall's most fashionable and elegant shopping environment through the window, but also clearly appreciate the fine structure of the most famous keel building in Taipei 101. The elegant and classical custom furniture is filled with the elegance of Art Nouveau and makes members happy. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time.

Open time and method

Daily 09:00 - 22:30. Members can reserve a box, and the daily appointment time is 2 hours

Prestige Club Special
How to apply
Bid threshold


You must be over 15 years old and have a valid ID card or a residence permit to apply for the total amount of NT$1.01 million (inclusive) in the Taipei 101 shopping mall.
Those who meet membership conditions and have passed review by Taipei 101 can join the exclusive events. Applicants under the age of 15 or other Taipei 101 guests who are not eligible for this activity may not apply.

Where to apply

6F Honor Club

The honor club is open daily from 09:00-22:30.

Required Documents

Honor Club Membership Application Form

I will submit this application within 14 days.


Original receipts, credit card and credit card slips showing the same card number.

Valid ID

Taiwanese applicants should show national ID, driver's license, or health insurance card (three-in-one). Foreigners should present their residence permit.

Contact & Apply

Membership:The date of enrollment is the date on the qualified receipt and membership is limited to the following year from that date.
Service line:02-8101-8808

Rules & Regulations
  1. The invoice for the purchase of the purchase is limited to the invoice issued by the store in the Taipei 101 shopping mall.
  2. Taipei 101 Parking Management Office, Observation Deck (including B1, 5F, 88F, 89F) all counters, tickets and souvenirs, Taiwan Star, Taipei 101 office building All the stores, the use of any form of gift vouchers, delivery vouchers, Taipei 101 cash vouchers to offset the invoice amount of the purchase, is not applicable to the application.
  3. Invoices for the unified invoices for electronic computers opened by Taipei Financial Building Co., Ltd. and for the opening of triple-invoices and the purchase of coupons for Taipei 101 shopping malls are not applicable.
  4. The amount of spending per invoice is limited to apply for a honour card. The amount of a single invoice cannot be dismantled.
  5. Per person (each ID number) is limited to apply for one honor card, not more than one membership card at the same time.