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Taipei 101 Membership

Member-Only Offers
How to apply
Bid threshold

Make a NT$10,000 Purchase

When you make a single purchase of NT$10,000 or more in the Taipei 101 mall. You must apply on the day of purchase.

Taipei 101 Partner Credit Card

Cardholders of [NEED CARD NAMES HERE] are automatically granted membership.

Where to apply

Taipei 101 Mall Customer Service Center

Located on B1 in the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall, the customer service center is open during all normal mall opening hours.


Scan your receipt of purchase and complete the required info to apply.

Registering on the app

Complete Member Info

Register as a member on the app by completing the user registration form and verifying your email address or phone number.

Confirm Your Proof of Purchase

Scan your receipt within seven (7) days of the date of purchase or enter the specified membership activity code. (NEED HELP understanding this last sentence.)

Download Taipei 101 Mall App

Membership:Taipei 101 membership enrollment is marked as the day that the application is completed. Membership is valid for life.
Service line:02-8101-8808

Rules & Regulations
  1. Applicants can apply for a single purchase of NTD10,000 or above on the same day. Tenants of Taipei 101 Building, or those eligible for Taipei 101 marketing activities, may also apply. Taipei 101 joint card friends do not need to apply for the same tribute card benefits.
  2. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid Republic of China identity card or a residence permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Immigration Department.
  3. This card is for members only, and each person is limited to apply for arbitrage. If you have already held the Taipei 101 Honor Card, you have already enjoyed the same benefits as the tribute card, and you cannot apply for a tribute card.
  4. The invoice for the purchase of the membership is limited to the invoice issued by the store in the Taipei 101 shopping mall. It is not applicable to the store according to the annual and various schedule activities.
  5. Taipei 101 Parking Management Office, Observation Deck (including B1, 5F, 88F, 89F) all counters, tickets and souvenirs, all stores in Taipei 101 office building, Use any form of gift certificate, delivery voucher, Taipei 101 e-voucher, and action payment credits to offset the invoice amount of the purchase. The application for membership is not applicable.
  6. The amount of each invoice is limited to apply for a gift card, and the amount of the invoice cannot be opened.
  7. Invoices that have been accrued for member consumption cannot be used as invoices for the application.
  8. If the invoice amount exceeds 100,000, please contact the B1 Customer Service Center with the invoice and my identity card.